Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crohn's is curable! Don't believe me? Fuck you!

After embarking on this experiment using alternative methods, I've realized we are all being screwed by the Pharmaceutical pricks. Yes, Crohn's is curable. Doctors are great at trauma and emergency care, but they stink at health-care. They can help set a broken bone, but if you have diabetes your fucked!

As a rule of thumb, if they cannot cure you in 6 months, tell them to go fuck themselves because they are failing miserably. Sorry folks, this isn't politically correct, but I don't care anymore. Crohn's is an infection, which compounds into a series of infections.

I hear all sorts of medical pricks claiming there is no proof that the Beck Protocol works, well fuck them, I went and tried it, and I found it WORKS. They have proof it works too, there are hundreds of IRB studies, which the little greedy pricks won't publish because it would mean no more BMW's and luxury condominiums while there patients rot.

Doctors mean well, but they are like most university graduates, naive and sheltered as fuck.
Its not that they want to keep you sick, its the fucking mafia (Yes the Mob) controlling what your doctor knows. They teach them drugs, drugs and only drugs.

If you want to cure Crohn's it isn't rocket science. Stop eating shitty foods like Dairy, Wheat, Sugar, Greasy foods, and so on. Dairy is terrible for you, if you think otherwise your an idiot.
Learn how to eat properly. Take quality vitamins, no the stuff from the local pharmacy is shit. You have to go to companies like Integrated Health Products and so on to find anything that works. Use something to get rid of the MAP infection and the variety of infections that will present once your immune system if crippled. The Beck Protocol is the best, but I'm sure there are a variety of ways to do this. Fuck Hulda Clark, it doesn't work. Take a pro-biotic once you clear out the yeast overgrowth in the intestines. Don't take pro-biotics until the intestines are somewhat healed.

I've gone from 120 lbs to over 170 lbs, no more drugs, no more Crohn's.
The sissies at the gym keep accusing me of taking steroids, well fuck them, they are stupid.
They eat hot dogs and shit and wonder why they can't make gains.

I eat excellent food, no junk, and work out hard. I do things properly, the way you are supposed to. I don't do things the fucked up way like I used to. I used to take pharmaceuticals and eat not too well, and couldn't figure out why I was sick. Well I was fucking stupid, like most people. Now its all about tasty healthy food, vitamins, and enjoying life.

Eat lots of Quinoa, eggs, berries, chicken, veggies and cut out the fat stupid person junk.
So the next time someone says there is no cure, tell them to lick my sac cause I am proof motherfucker!