Monday, November 7, 2016

Amazon Rainforest Herbs Slaughter MAP

Crohn's disease, a sort of blanket term for inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, in most cases is likely a Mycobacterium Avium Ssp Paratuberculosis infection.

I would like to outline how you can tell a treatment is working against MAP.  Having consulted with infectious disease expert and MD Dr. Marcel Behr of McGill University, he educated me that there is typically a tremendously inflammatory immune response to dead mycobacteria.

Also, he informed me that when treating a mycobacterial infection symptoms will initially get worse before they get better.  Sometimes immune modulating drugs are used to help reduce the symptoms during treatment with antibiotics.

This gives us a big hint that one should expect similar difficulties in treating MAP infected individuals.  As there are no pharmaceutical antibiotics against MAP, and there probably won't be in our lifetime, we need to experiment, safely of course.

To everyone suffering from Crohn's Disease, I used the following protocol to fully eradicate the infection from my body.  After an initial worsening of my symptoms on the antibiotic herbs, my health rebounded and is now pristine.  Issues like chronic anemia and weight loss are resolved.  Pain is non-existent.  Life is good, again.  Hydrogen Peroxide used daily seems to help keep the infection is check, but to really eradicate it we now have a better option.

I would like to preface this with a warning, dead MAP is REALLY inflammatory.  You would be wise to avoid foods that are known to exacerbate inflammation, like potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, sugar, etc.  Expect a herxheimer reaction during the first week.  It is transient, it will improve as the die off exponentially decreases.

We need a three pronged approach to killing any chronic intracellular infection.

We need a cocktail of antibiotics, they develop resistance really quickly to just one.
The antibiotic herbs that slaughter MAP are cheap and easily obtained.
Myco by RainTree Herbs
Amazon A-F by RainTreeHerbs

We need something to dissolve the biofilm protecting it from the antibiotics.
The best biofilm disruptor on the market is Serrapeptase or InterFase Plus.

We need something to help get the antibiotics inside the cells.
Hyaluronic Acid causes the cells to retain more bodily fluids.  While experimental, several doctors I've consulted with use it in practice to help antibiotics get inside the cells to eradicate intracellular infections.

If Crohn's disease is truly an auto-immune disease, and no MAP infection is present, taking anti-MAP herbs should result in no measurable reaction.  That is a fair assumption.  The herbs themselves are non-toxic and not particularly irritating to the intestines.

However, if Crohn's is a MAP infection, taking these herbs should result in a massive die off of MAP, resulting in severe symptoms of die-off.  Fever, sweats, diarrhea, massive inflammation in the mesentery and infected areas of the intestines.

Well that is what I experienced my first week.  Hydrogen Peroxide seems to suppress the infection, but this protocol is a knock-out punch to MAP.  Now I have zero Crohn's symptoms.  The first week was rough, and the first month wasn't easy.  But after that symptoms subside, and life resumes it's normal course.

Sometimes I forget to write on this blog, it feels like a part of my life I'd prefer to not remember.  However I'm writing this article to help others prove to themselves Crohn's is a MAP infection.


  1. Who recommended those herbs to you?

  2. So, what exactly is your protocol now? I've seen everything from Beck Protocol to a progression of different herbs, H202, etc. Did the Beck protocol not work for you? I'm about to purchase the kit from SOTA and would rather not waste the money if it doesn't work. How is your crohns now? I can't do Hydrogen Peroxide, tried it before with significant stomach discomfort. Thanks

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  4. I've been without treatment for two years upon writing this. Had a checkup and all my large intestine was medium inflamed. I have now finally given up sort of and are taking cortiment 9 mg. which is a local working prednisone. While I'm on that I will start the Myco and A-F. Should I do one capsule Myco in the morning and one A-F in the night and then ramp it up?
    I think I will need to try that approach. The other things I didn't get. Seems a bit to experimental to me. Any one had any success they want to share here with the Raintree herbs?

  5. Okay i'm seing some effects of the Myco and A-F. I would really like if someone could try and piece together for me how to take both Myco and A-F together with serapeptase (if I buy it) and then including a probiotic and prebiotic and getting the best out of it all. I did have the herxheimer reaction to especially the A-F even though i'm on the local working prednisone. I have seen a review on amazon from a person who also had great success with this protocol. But could it please be more detailed?

  6. Henrik, Myco and A-F work together to help kill Mycobacteria. I would add NAC to help with the biofilms.
    Give yourself lots of time, and be careful, there is a nasty flu circulating!

    You should take probiotics away from them, enteric coated. Also, you need Zinc! Lots! I take 250mg x 2 daily with food. Specifically Zinc Sulfate.

    1. Thanks, your inputs are always very welcome. I am still not sure if I go one week using the recommended dose for Myco and then one week of A-F or if I do a full dose of both. I'm taking a brake for a few days to get things slowing down. Been having a bad time lately. I will have to experiment with the NAC I can understand from following other people experimenting that some biofilm brakedown is indeed crucial. I have also tried to take probiotics now.

    2. If the herbs can't get rid of the infection, you can also try IV Hydrogen Peroxide. It seems to get in pretty deep and kill the MAP.
      The problem is MAP infects the lymph nodes, and herbals have a hard time penetrating that deep.

  7. Hi UT,

    Thanks for all of the research you have done. I will follow your most recent protocol and get back to you with any results. Just to clarify, I will be doing the Myco Herbs, should I still be using Serrapeptase and Hyaluric Acid along with it?

    You recently posted to just do the Herbs with the zinc supplements. So I wasn't sure if you took them out of your protocol.