Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Crohn’s Disease Conspiracy

Corporate medicine has a dirty secret, which they have been suppressing for over a decade.
A bacterial infection in cattle known as Johne’s disease is the same bacteria causing Crohn’s disease in humans.

When scientists use highly sensitive PCR tests, 100% of Crohn’s disease patients test positive for the bacteria. The bacterium is known as Mycobacterium Avium Para-Tuberculosis, it causes chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Living deep in the mesentery and lymphatic system this bacterium slowly kills its host.
Anemia slowly develops as the Mycobacterium efficiently extracts intracellular macrophage iron. Chronic inflammation gradually scars and narrows the intestines, malnourishment occurs rapidly.

Corporate medicine has invested hundreds of millions of dollars developing chemical drugs to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Current treatments can cost above $50,000 per year per patient. Massive profits are being generated by the pharmaceutical companies. The charity organizations invest all there funding in irrelevant research which will never yield a cure.

With a bacterium isolated in all patients, fulfilled all 4 of Koch’s postulates, and a proven method of transmission to humans you’d think the notion of the disease being ‘auto-immune’ would be abandoned. Corporate medicine only acknowledges science from which it can profit.

The scientists who have proven the disease to be a zoonotic infection have been suppressed. It is a crime that this disease is being treated as an immune defect, when in fact it is an infection.

Doctors are killing there patients by attempting to correct Anemia with Iron supplementation. Iron supplementation speeds the progression of Mycobacterium infections; they are in essence throwing gas on a fire. Suppression of the immune system offers limited relief, however the trade offs are unacceptable. A dramatic loss of life expectancy, sepsis, cancer, infections, and gangrene are just a few of the more serious risks. By suppressing the immune system, doctors further kill there patients, allowing the Mycobacterium to spread uninterrupted.

This story is not new; it was one of the top stories of Project Censored 1999. The bacterium is being passed to human via contaminated milk, beef, and water. After a decade of suppression, little has changed. Patients are being mutilated with unnecessary surgery and drugs.

Several smear campaigns have been launched by American pharmaceutical companies to discourage patients from educating themselves about the infection. Curing the disease is incredibly simple using modern antibacterial modalities. Patients who continue to blindly trust corporate medicine will continue to suffer at there hands. Understanding that your doctor is working for a corporation, indirectly as it may seem, is the first step to health liberation. Doctors are being denied newer, more effective technology, to maintain the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. Stop the exploitation, educate yourself and take control.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Silver Ions kill virtually all microbes

"DUARTE, Calif.--For more than 6,000 years, humans have used silver to fight germs, also known as microbes. Now, some hospitals are using a silver compound to reduce hospital infections. You can't see them, but millions of microorganisms are living quietly among us, in places where we least expect them. Cancer patient Steve Measer worries about germs a lot. "In the last two months I have been in three separate hospitals." But at the Helford Clinical Research Hospital at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif., where he is receiving treatment, microbes are hard to find. Dr. James Miser, Chief Executive Officer at City of Hope National Medical Center, says, "The room which we are currently standing is as free of germs as medically possible in a hospital." This is possible because the ducts delivering air to patients' rooms are
coated with a silver-based anti-microbial compound called AgION. It can kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. Jeffrey Trogolo, Chief Technology Officer at AgION Technologies, Inc. in Wakefield, Mass., says, "When the conditions are right, it turns on, and that's where the silver comes out." Agion technologies is using silver, a centuries-old germ killer, in a unique compound to coat surfaces and instruments that could spread disease. When bacteria are detected, the compound releases silver ions to the surface, killing existing microbes and any
new ones that come along. "We have virtually no organisms grown," Dr. Miser says. It's potent enough to kill germs, but is safe to use on virtually any surface. Trogolo says, "It's less toxic than table salt and less irritating than talcum powder. Ultimately we hope this will result in less infections and actually better outcomes for the patients." The silver compound can also kill germs in your kitchen, on shopping cart handles, even in your sneakers. It's already used in a number of products including athletic footwear, door hardware, pens and business supplies."

Silver Ions kill virtually all microbes. If you haven’t clued in yet, this is essentially ionic silver.
Again, we find more research supporting Dr. Robert C Beck’s claims about Ionic Silver.
It truly is the most powerful anti-microbial known to man.

It is interesting to note the idea that silver kills microbes has had several smear campaigns run against it.
Quackwatch, and a variety of mainstream news channels dismiss the idea as quackery.
Clearly, the research shows silver ions kill microbes, and are non-toxic.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vitamin B12


The Good shit'

The Science
Most drug stores sell Vitamin B12 in a form known as Cyanocobalamin. This form is the cheapest junk available. Its toxic, and requires conversion to a biologically active form.

Cyanocobalamin is not biologically active until converted to methylcobalamin, which also means releasing its cyanide. Cyanide can be toxic because it binds the iron (F3+) portion of cytochrome oxidases, preventing its reduction. This binding blocks electron transport and interrupts cellular respiration. Symptoms of sublethal cyanide toxicity include hypotension, tachypnea, and tachycardia.

Williams, H.L. et al. "Studies of cobalamin vehicle for the renal excretion of cyanide anion." Journal of Laboratoyr and Clinical Medicine, 1990, 116(1): 37-44.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Researchers confirm colloidal silver safe and effective

The FDA and various anti-quack sites have been launching a campaign against the stuff for some time now. Now quackery is a terrible thing, and nothing to be defended. However as always, you are only being told half the story, and the facts are twisted to make it look like dangerous quackery.

Colloidal silver is a broad name for a solution containing ions of silver. So by this broad label water and silver nitrate would be considered silver colloid. Now what about water and pure 100% silver particles? Yes, it gets labeled the same thing.

Here in lies the deception and confusion.

Silver nitrate and water is a terribly toxic mixture.
Water and pure silver is completely safe, with no heavy metal toxicity.

Argyria occurs when consuming large amounts of toxic silver preparations. These toxic silver nitrate solutions can contain as much as 25 000 ppm.

Water and 100% silver is potent at 30 ppm, and has no toxic side effects.

A trial against Mycobacterium Avium Complex, or hot tub lung, showed it to be the most potent anti-mycobacterium known to man. It demonstrated excellent intracellular antibiotic properties and showed no heavy metal toxicity.

Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Crohn’s Disease, MAC and so on should respond to treatment very rapidly.

The way to make the stuff is easy, anyone can do it. The hardest thing is believability.