Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Researchers confirm colloidal silver safe and effective

The FDA and various anti-quack sites have been launching a campaign against the stuff for some time now. Now quackery is a terrible thing, and nothing to be defended. However as always, you are only being told half the story, and the facts are twisted to make it look like dangerous quackery.

Colloidal silver is a broad name for a solution containing ions of silver. So by this broad label water and silver nitrate would be considered silver colloid. Now what about water and pure 100% silver particles? Yes, it gets labeled the same thing.

Here in lies the deception and confusion.

Silver nitrate and water is a terribly toxic mixture.
Water and pure silver is completely safe, with no heavy metal toxicity.

Argyria occurs when consuming large amounts of toxic silver preparations. These toxic silver nitrate solutions can contain as much as 25 000 ppm.

Water and 100% silver is potent at 30 ppm, and has no toxic side effects.

A trial against Mycobacterium Avium Complex, or hot tub lung, showed it to be the most potent anti-mycobacterium known to man. It demonstrated excellent intracellular antibiotic properties and showed no heavy metal toxicity.

Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Crohn’s Disease, MAC and so on should respond to treatment very rapidly.

The way to make the stuff is easy, anyone can do it. The hardest thing is believability.