Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free of MAP!

Finally, confirmed by blood tests I am 100% free of Mycobacterium Ssp Paratuberculosis!
This is great news, this means Colloidal silver is extremely effective against the MAP bug.

Also, whilst in Mexico at the IBC, I found out the absolute cause and cure of Crohn's.
What a journey, I've visited an infectious disease expert at McGill University (Dr. Marcel Behr), spoken with Prof. Hermon Taylor of the UK, and done a ton of research, at least 5 years worth.

Crohn's disease, is a result of a defective/compromised immune system. You become infected with the opportunistic infection known as MAP. The MAP infection is usually cleared by people with a healthy immune system. In people with a defective/compromised immune system it becomes a chronic infection, the immune system is unable to clear the infection.

The proof of this is abundant, just look its very close relative Mycobacterium Avium Intracellulare (MAC). MAC is considered an opportunistic infection, usually infecting those with compromised immune systems, AIDS patients. Same with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (TB). If your immune system is healthy, it will wall off these Mycobacterium by forming a granuloma around it. Now, in Crohn's disease they find granuloma's, that is an accepted medical fact. 95% of people with Crohn's when correctly tested, will test positive for the infection, compare that a near 0% infection rate in healthy people.

A cure to the problem would be to fix the defective/compromised immune system, so it can fight off the infection. That is how IBC treats autoimmune disorders. They restore your immune system, and it goes in an clears our the infection. These opportunistic infections are no match for a healthy nourished immune system.

I would highly recommend the IBC Hospital in Tijuana to anyone in dire straights, I mean emergency I'm considering surgery next month types. They are truly masters of fixing broken immune systems. They will use the Alivizatos formula to boost your immune system, coupled with stem cells to help regenerate damaged organs (think Thymus, etc.). Healing the damaged organs, if that is the problem, fixes the root of the problem.

I'm going to post an article next week on which vitamins, minerals and amino acids are best to boost your immune system. Also, if you live in Canada, you can find clinics that will give custom vitamin/mineral/amino acid IV's or injections. For people with serious intestinal damage, I cannot stress how beneficial taking in mega doses of nutrition via IV is.

Colloidal silver is such a blessing. It can bring almost immediate relief to the most aggressive cases of Crohn's. Buying precious time to start boosting the immune system.

Also, I realize Alivizatos is mentioned in Quackwatch as quackery, it is not. I can attest to that.
Quackwatch is run by a New York ad agency and is part of the smear campaign being launched by the pharmaceutical companies. I often wonder why these so called Quackbusters have instant credibility? I mean what makes Quackwatch such a trusted source? I think they are the quacks.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow over a year without a post!

I'm back, after a year break!

All the great feedback has prompted me to return, it seems this blog is really helping people.
I have some dynamite new information which I will be posting over the next week.

I plan to take this blog in a new direction, it will focus of Health and Wealth, money and healthcare, the two most important things in life.

I have been so busy investing, building wealth, and educating myself I had no time for this blog.
I'm planning on doing some YouTube videos, watching is much more enjoyable than reading.