Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Immune Boosting (Clinical)

In addition to the brief summary of useful immune boosters, I consider OTC (over the counter), there are some very powerful clinical treatments as well.

  • Alivizatos - This treatment is one of the most potent anti-cancer serums I have ever seen.  I travelled all the way to Tijuana, Mexico to see this for myself.  I stayed for 3 weeks at the International Bio-Care Hospital (IBC).  I got to have breakfast, lunch dinner with many cancer survivors, returning for 'booster' shots.  Many people with brain tumours and lung cancer were there trying it for the first time.  One gentleman had colon cancer 14 years ago, was given up to die, took 20 infusions of this immune boosting serum, and within 6 months was cancer free.  He changed his diet, and takes minerals/vitamins to stay healthy.  Apparently he had 100's of tumours all up his colon at the time of his scope.  When they checked him 6 months after the Alivizatos, his body had encapsulated the tumours, which were literally falling off dead.  That is impressive.  Another lady's son had a brain tumour, he took the serum and was cured as well.  Oddly enough she developed a brain tumour shortly after him, makes one wonder if it is something in their environment?  The serum is great, one must see it firsthand to believe it.  I took the serum, 15 infusions.  This stuff is extremely strong.  Dietary allergies become incredibly obvious when you are pumped up on this serum.  If you eat something you are allergic to, wow, you will be very sore.  It did not take me long to figure out I had allergies to Gluten, Dairy and Pork.  This was confirmed with live blood analysis as well.  Those foods are junk anyways.
  • Cellular Therapy (Live Cell) - Stem cells...from animals!  That is right, no ethical concerns here.  Get this, apparently stem cells from animals can be used in humans.  There is no immune response against stem cells.  I took 3 shots, big painful shots, of bovine stem cells.  I took intestinal stem cell, thymus stem cell, and umbilical cord stem cells.  Does it work?  Absolutely!  I've noticed a marked improved in my immune system.  Combined with the Beck protocol, you will be blown away.  Live cell is one of my favourites.  Hurts like hell having a inter-muscular injection that large, 3 of them I might add, but after 1-2 months things change...for the better.  IBC offers these as well, they are usually around $200 a shot.
The best part of this whole excursion is that out of country medical expenses can be legally written off against your income tax.  You can usually expect to get about 1/4 of your costs back.  Which is a pretty good deal considering you no longer will be some allopathic quacks bitch.  I would add more, but I have not personally tested them, so I refuse to risk my reputation.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Immune boosting 101

After fairly extensive research on the subject, I am satisfied I have a well researched and effective list of ways to boost the immune system.
  • The most power is by the far the Beck protocol.  Using lower amperage (50-100uA) to safely and effectively destroy pathogens in the blood seems to really unburden the immune system allowing it to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Reishi mushroom is an incredibly power immune booster.  Readily available in capsule for, I prefer NOW brand.  Quite affordable, and similar effects are found in the Mitake and Shitake form, which are extremely delicious and easy to find for cooking.
  • Niacinamide, the biologically active form of Vitamin B3.  Expressing impressive antimycobacterial action, unknown to most physicians, this is the most impressive B vitamin.  It not only is antimycobacterial, it also helps to reduce immune suppression and carcinogenesis due to exposure to UV rays.  If you take Niacin, you will most likely get a flush, or sunburn type feeling throughout your body.  Some people do not like this, I however love the feeling.  It also gives your skin a glow and helps improve its appearance.
  • Potassium, without this mineral you will have great difficulty if you should ever become infected with HPV, typically a plantar wart or worse.  It seems the research is showing that a severe deficiency in Potassium inhibits ones ability to clear this virus.  This may explain why people with Crohn's disease often suffer from warts on their hands and feet.  The best source is Young fresh coconut water.  I prefer young coconuts from Thailand, they have a green outer husk.  You can buy bottled coconut water, be careful to NOT get the sugary type, stick to 100% coconut water.  It can take some time to correct mineral deficiencies, so give it a couple of months at a strong dose.  Coconut water is delicious, rich in potassium, just do not drink too much or you will be on the toilet all day.
  • Iron.  Without this mineral, you can expect massive oxidation of your cells.  That is right, being iron deficient is dangerous.  Years ago when I was sick, my blood iron levels were very low, this causes massive free radical damage due to a lack of oxygen in the blood.  The doctor noticed this and pointed it out.  Iron deficiency and the associated complications promote the growth of pathogens, especially fungus/yeast.  People with Crohn's usually have occult blood in the stool, this is easily detected in a stool/parasite test.
  • Foods to avoid:
    • Gluten - 80% of people have a severe gluten sensitivity.  Do not confuse this with Celiac disease.  Gluten isn't something humans were meant to eat, especially the mutant 'hybrid' wheat found in 99% of the world.  Crohn's patients will find tremendous relief just by cutting out this evil substance.  In my opinion this is the most important thing anyone with bowel problems can eliminate.  I will never touch gluten, if I do, immediately I become constipated and bloated.  I am 100% allergic/sensitive to this.  I highly recommend you read or listen to the work of Dr. William Davis, MD.  He has a book called Wheat Belly.
    • Dairy - Poison flat out.  This stuff clogs your lymphatic system, gives you horrible skin problems.  Cheese can cause terrible migraine headaches, I know it does for me.  Most people are allergic to casein.  I cannot overemphasize just how bad dairy is for you.  Most people with seasonal allergies find this problem goes away when they stop eating dairy.  Dairy is full of cow puss!
    • Sugar - The hardest one to give up.  I don't think it is possible to avoid it completely, but try to cut down on this one.  It promotes inflammation which is the last thing anyone with an inflammatory condition wants.
  • Minerals, our soils are depleted.  The soil is nothing but a sponge we pour chemicals on.  Most people are deficient in just about every mineral due to these horribly short sighted agricultural practices.  You must watch Dr. Joel Wallach's lectures on this subject.  Zinc, Selenium, Chromium, Vanadium are all depleted in Crohn's patients.  Without these you can expect poor wound healing, diabetes and cancer.  The links to his lectures will be in the side bar to the left.
  • Olive Leaf - A fantastic immune boosting herb.
  • Oil of oregano - The most powerful of the herbs, strongly anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  • Colloidal Silver - Amazing.  Do not let the propaganda about turning blue scare you away from this powerful anti-bacterial.