Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome foods

It seems the biggest problem people with Crohn's disease have is knowing what to eat.
People in the Western countries, tend to eat wheat, wheat, and more wheat.
Well the fact is wheat is poison, it will make you soft, and it shreds your intestines.  Fast food restaurants try to use wheat in everything because it is cheap filler.  Thats why 50% of the fucking people in this society look like a dead bloated horse in a ditch.  If you want to look like shit keep eating wheat.

Below are some ideas of what I eat, its delicious, nutritious and heals the intestines.

  • Omelette made with coconut oil and sea salt
  • Mixed berry smoothy, with Living Fuel Protein and coconut milk
  • Spinach omelette with coconut oil and sea salt
  • Mango smoothy with coconut milk, optional protein powder
  • Thai Chicken curry, with a little bit of rice
  • Chicken Tikka Masala, with a little bit of rice
  • Chicken Madras, with a little bit of rice
  • Ms Dash Chipotle on chicken thighs, steamed broccoli with coconut oil and sea salt
  • Baked East coast Cod with spices, Asparagus
  • Cole slaw, made with red cabbage and heirloom carrots, olive oil mayo -easy to make
  • Silver Leaf Kalamata olives packed in olive oil (fuck vinegar)
  • Eden organic spiced pumpkin seeds (no msg)
  • Rice cake with nut butter, a tiny bit of honey
  • Kale chips -Fucking AWESOME
  • Sea salt almonds
  • Cucumbers and sea salt
  • Lemon Perrier mix
This is just a short list, but seriously, fast food is for losers.  I knows its hard when travelling, but if you must eat out, try Indian, Thai, or a good steak house.  I shake my head as I drive by McDonalds, Boston Pizza, Burger King, and their clientele of obese degenerates waddling from there shitty broken down GM vehicles.  Definitely moving into a richer area soon, ignorant people are depressing.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Encapsulating herbs

With an inexpensive Cap-M-Quick machine, I believe they are $25, and a few "00" capsules, you can make your own herbal supplements.  Each capsule holds roughly 1g of herbal powder.

I ordered some excellent silymarin extract, some dandelion root extract, burdock root, and olive leaf extract.  I made a blend, using 50g of dandelion root extract, 50g of burdock root, and 100g of silymarin.  That works out to, each pill, 500mg silymarin, 250mg dandelion root extract, 250mg burdock root.  That is a pretty powerful detox pill right there.

This is an excellent way to customize the blend that makes you feel best, and also saves quite a bit of money.  There are a variety of herbal shops that can sell you the herbal extracts, and even bulk vitamin stores for supplements.

Milk thistle, with dozens of studies has been shown to protect, and heal the liver.  This is one supplement I highly recommend.  A healthy liver is essential to vibrant health.  Simply google silymarin, the active compound found in milk thistle seed, and you will find a plethora of information regarding its amazing benefits.

Burdock root, is very popular in chinese culture.  This root is extremely strong, and is renown for its ability to help cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Dandelion root is another champion of the liver.  The common weed most people hate, has substantial benefits.

Cansema / Black Salve

Always one to put to my body on the line in the name of science, I whipped up a batch of Cansema, or Black salve as it is known.

The ingredients and formula is:

50g Chapparal
50g Bloodroot
50g Galangal
50g Graviola
250g Zinc Chloride
500mL distilled water
Glycerin or Coconut oil

In a large pyrex glass bowl, begin to heat the water.  Bring it to a boil, then back off the temperature.  Begin to stir in the herbs.  A thick black paste should form.  Now slowly, carefully add the Zinc Chloride.  Try not to breath any dust or fumes from this, not that its dangerous, but as a precaution.  Let it simmer, but not dry out, for 15 minutes.  Take off heat, let it cool for a few minutes and add the DMSO.  Now the creator uses glycerine to keep the mixture from drying out, I used coconut oil, either one works.

Quackwatch really hates this stuff!  I tried it out on a stubborn plantar wart I picked up from Brazilian JutJitsu.  It bored a hole directly to the root of the wart, and kill the infected cells!  Didn't harm the healthy tissue either.  Very impressive stuff!

Also tried it on a mole.  The mole popped out 6 days later, left a small crater that has sense fully healed in without scarring.  I am very impressed with it so far.

DMSO can be ordered from Jacob Labs.  Zinc Chloride you can get at most hobby chemical supply stores.  The herbs were not too hard to procure, any herbal supply store should have it.  With DMSO, make sure you use appropriate containers because it is a bit of a non-toxic solvent.

I can verify this formula absolutely destroys skin cancer, moles, warts, even skin rashes seem to respond to it!  So as usual, let me give everyone a rule of thumb, if quackwatch hates it, usually it works.

Here is the result on my shin.  Also, always wear a rash-guard for combat sports.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrambled eggs!

The finest scrambled eggs you will ever have! This makes a great low carb breakfast.

Take three heaping tablespoons of pure virgin coconut oil, put it in a non-stick pan and heat the oil on low until it melts.

Crack 4 eggs in, using a non scratching spatula, I use silicone, scramble the eggs with the coconut oil. Turn up the heat and cook, constantly stirring the eggs with your spatula. Don't let them burn, otherwise it gives it a nasty flavour.

When everything is solid and lightly cooked, toss it on a plate. Add some sea salt or high potassium salt. The finest eggs I've ever had, and I've had $45/plate luxury restaurant eggs, this blows them out of the water! I've decided to start adding recipes, because of the lack of functional recipes. By functional, I mean they are delicious and actually function to help your health.