Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Immune Boosting (Clinical)

In addition to the brief summary of useful immune boosters, I consider OTC (over the counter), there are some very powerful clinical treatments as well.

  • Alivizatos - This treatment is one of the most potent anti-cancer serums I have ever seen.  I travelled all the way to Tijuana, Mexico to see this for myself.  I stayed for 3 weeks at the International Bio-Care Hospital (IBC).  I got to have breakfast, lunch dinner with many cancer survivors, returning for 'booster' shots.  Many people with brain tumours and lung cancer were there trying it for the first time.  One gentleman had colon cancer 14 years ago, was given up to die, took 20 infusions of this immune boosting serum, and within 6 months was cancer free.  He changed his diet, and takes minerals/vitamins to stay healthy.  Apparently he had 100's of tumours all up his colon at the time of his scope.  When they checked him 6 months after the Alivizatos, his body had encapsulated the tumours, which were literally falling off dead.  That is impressive.  Another lady's son had a brain tumour, he took the serum and was cured as well.  Oddly enough she developed a brain tumour shortly after him, makes one wonder if it is something in their environment?  The serum is great, one must see it firsthand to believe it.  I took the serum, 15 infusions.  This stuff is extremely strong.  Dietary allergies become incredibly obvious when you are pumped up on this serum.  If you eat something you are allergic to, wow, you will be very sore.  It did not take me long to figure out I had allergies to Gluten, Dairy and Pork.  This was confirmed with live blood analysis as well.  Those foods are junk anyways.
  • Cellular Therapy (Live Cell) - Stem cells...from animals!  That is right, no ethical concerns here.  Get this, apparently stem cells from animals can be used in humans.  There is no immune response against stem cells.  I took 3 shots, big painful shots, of bovine stem cells.  I took intestinal stem cell, thymus stem cell, and umbilical cord stem cells.  Does it work?  Absolutely!  I've noticed a marked improved in my immune system.  Combined with the Beck protocol, you will be blown away.  Live cell is one of my favourites.  Hurts like hell having a inter-muscular injection that large, 3 of them I might add, but after 1-2 months things change...for the better.  IBC offers these as well, they are usually around $200 a shot.
The best part of this whole excursion is that out of country medical expenses can be legally written off against your income tax.  You can usually expect to get about 1/4 of your costs back.  Which is a pretty good deal considering you no longer will be some allopathic quacks bitch.  I would add more, but I have not personally tested them, so I refuse to risk my reputation.


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