Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crohn's is curable! Don't believe me? Fuck you!

After embarking on this experiment using alternative methods, I've realized we are all being screwed by the Pharmaceutical pricks. Yes, Crohn's is curable. Doctors are great at trauma and emergency care, but they stink at health-care. They can help set a broken bone, but if you have diabetes your fucked!

As a rule of thumb, if they cannot cure you in 6 months, tell them to go fuck themselves because they are failing miserably. Sorry folks, this isn't politically correct, but I don't care anymore. Crohn's is an infection, which compounds into a series of infections.

I hear all sorts of medical pricks claiming there is no proof that the Beck Protocol works, well fuck them, I went and tried it, and I found it WORKS. They have proof it works too, there are hundreds of IRB studies, which the little greedy pricks won't publish because it would mean no more BMW's and luxury condominiums while there patients rot.

Doctors mean well, but they are like most university graduates, naive and sheltered as fuck.
Its not that they want to keep you sick, its the fucking mafia (Yes the Mob) controlling what your doctor knows. They teach them drugs, drugs and only drugs.

If you want to cure Crohn's it isn't rocket science. Stop eating shitty foods like Dairy, Wheat, Sugar, Greasy foods, and so on. Dairy is terrible for you, if you think otherwise your an idiot.
Learn how to eat properly. Take quality vitamins, no the stuff from the local pharmacy is shit. You have to go to companies like Integrated Health Products and so on to find anything that works. Use something to get rid of the MAP infection and the variety of infections that will present once your immune system if crippled. The Beck Protocol is the best, but I'm sure there are a variety of ways to do this. Fuck Hulda Clark, it doesn't work. Take a pro-biotic once you clear out the yeast overgrowth in the intestines. Don't take pro-biotics until the intestines are somewhat healed.

I've gone from 120 lbs to over 170 lbs, no more drugs, no more Crohn's.
The sissies at the gym keep accusing me of taking steroids, well fuck them, they are stupid.
They eat hot dogs and shit and wonder why they can't make gains.

I eat excellent food, no junk, and work out hard. I do things properly, the way you are supposed to. I don't do things the fucked up way like I used to. I used to take pharmaceuticals and eat not too well, and couldn't figure out why I was sick. Well I was fucking stupid, like most people. Now its all about tasty healthy food, vitamins, and enjoying life.

Eat lots of Quinoa, eggs, berries, chicken, veggies and cut out the fat stupid person junk.
So the next time someone says there is no cure, tell them to lick my sac cause I am proof motherfucker!


  1. I share your sentiment. I argued tooth and nail with a Doctor that wanted to put me back on the exact same steroid medications for asthma that gave me cataracts.

    I finally agreed with him if I got to see the allergist first.

    We figured out that my asthma was related to my being hyper-allergic to dust mites.

    After changing my diet and avoiding too much Omega 6 fatty acids and eating plenty of Omega 3's (Omega 6's promote inflammation, while Omega 3's relive it) and using allergen covers on my mattress and pillows, my asthma is almost completely gone.

  2. Dude you have a way with words. Fuck yeah. Spread the word. I've been doing the Beck protocol for 2 years now and it fucking works! All you stupid fucks who don't believe it step the fuck off and don't knock shit until you try it for yourself!

  3. Mhmmm.. I like the look of the beck thing. The only thing thats holding me back is the cost of all that gear. I'm about to try DMSO and colloidal silver topically. I read that if you mix it and apply it to your gut it kills the infection. Anyone else heard about this? cheers

  4. I am taking DMSO and Colloidal Silver in a glass with water (I tried applying it topically but it burned too damn much and didn't seem to absorb well) and it seems to be working on my Crohn's. I've been doing it for a month now and am off all meds.

  5. Never even thought to ingest the DMSO mixed with Colloidal Silver, probably gets it into the intestine even better than topically.

    Congratulations on your success!
    Remember to keep at this for many months, the infections are hard to completely clear.

    1. I must have been cured of AIDS because I took colloidal silver for just 12 weeks and then tested Undetectable for AIDS! how could this be , I got it from the site - www.SilentCures.com I took their Immune Shock Program and ohh I forgot to mention that was 3 years ago and I CONTINUE TO TEST UNDETECTABLE FOR AIDS! man my doctors had me on all kinds of fucking pills hand fulls, and throughout these 3 years I haven't taken or needed ANY fucken pills, I can only imagine what my liver would look like today if I had continued all those pills these fucking doctors are all quacks when they graduate from med school they are done learning while we suffer new diseases! thank you SilentCures.com awsum shit, they have some miracle colloidal silver or some shit going on..

  6. Where does one get DMSO?

  7. Hi -- I'm the one from the message above who has been ingesting the DMSO / Colloidal Silver for Crohn's ... After 6 weeks of doing this, I feel better than I have in more than 12 years (since I first was diagnosed with Crohn's on my 21st birthday.) I have been using the DMSO liquid from Nature's Gift, which I bought from the local health food store for less than $20. I think the DMSO from jacoblab.com is probably higher quality, but the Nature's Gift has been working for me. I haven't even started the Beck protocol yet and my colloidal silver is the store-bought kind (Mesosilver.) Anyway, I am glad to be off my meds after 12 miserable years of steroids, malaise, and generally feeling like crap. Just today I went for a 1 mile long swim in a lake near my house ... this is not something I could have accomplished when I was sick. One thing to note is that it took more than a month for the DMSO / Colloidal silver to start working for me 100%. I had 2 bad days with pain in the first couple of weeks as I was ramping up. I am also thinking about taking MSM supplements, as the strictures in my small intestines had gotten quite bad (my doctor said they were only 5mm wide in some places in my small intestines.) It seems like the strictures have gotten a little better since I started the DMSO as I have noticed less intestinal "gurgling" after I eat. My GI doctor had told me that gurgling sounds in Crohn's patients are often caused by strictures.

  8. I am a ADDICT of HUMIRA the drug that mades billions of dollars of revenue every year (inside US and outside)

    Read the financial notes about Mercx etc etc the pharmaceutical conspiracy...

    The thing that makes me more hungry is every time I try to explain notorious doctors and scientist (they are all rich) about the conspiracy , the cancer produced by these drugs... they treat me like a crazy person... and really have a good technical way to make you feel wrong.

    I suggest you to google ''JANE BURGMEISTER''
    who have found that sequolone and many products can ''create'' arthritis reumatoidis and auto immune disease.
    That could be one of the reasons some patients with crohn don't have MAP , they could have been ''infected'' by other ways... so the argument ''OOH BUT NOT ALL PEOPLE WITH CROHN HAVE MAP SO THAT PROOVES THAT MAP IS NOT 100 % RESONSABLE''
    It could be some patients intoxicated in different countries of UK and USA (where the highest rates of MAP in Crohn infected patients are found... because of the dairy products).
    It could be a forced infection by other ways in order to fuck the immune system of people of other countries where you don't have that dictatorship of junk food so stats won't reveal that Crohn is mainy caused and a consequence of ''junk food'' and bovine steroids and hormonal treatments as well as infected MAP bovines...

    I really hope one day , justice can be made and we can sue these people who have made conspiracy and play with our health in order to gain millions , fraud investistigation etc etc...

    What would do a CEO for a net income of billions each year...(and that's only the begining ... only for HUMIRA)
    REMICADE is making billions also of net revenue.

    Mercx , Johnson and Johnson etc etc... all guilty..

  9. Crohn's is mainly a result of a biological warfare agent known as Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognito.
    I tested positive for it, doctors don't even know to test for it.

    I will have to update my blog, the MAP theory is only partially correct.

  10. u can also get dmso at any grain store 90% gel
    99.9 liquid pure.(In the horse section) go easy don't use alot, less
    than a teaspoon, use for topical only.
    It works great for me I have been on meds for the last 7 years. No more meds. And I can walk again.

    COPY AND PASTE AMAZING..............


    Good Luck all And great Info

  11. This is the mircle drug of the year...........
    copy and paste. And Agways, and horse and grain store they all carry the DMSO and they even have
    it in roll on.

    Good Luck to All and Way to Go
    Barbara from Massachusetts (I was a horse trainer)
    Used it years ago....No compaints from me.....


  13. What % of DMSO is good for drinking with colloidal silver?
    Also, what is the ratio?

  14. These treatment are seriously the real deal. I was once on Remicade for Crohn's and have been off all meds for 5 months now with only using DMSO and Colloidal Silver alone. People are too afraid to try it and just blindly follow the masses. Jesus Christ himself said that people would still doubt despite someone being raised from the dead. We are all prone to doubt. It is inherent in Man. I am now training to be an NYC fireman and will soon begin to implement the full Beck protocol to completely rid myself of this infection.

  15. CBail, glad to hear of your success.
    Remember to steer clear of sugar and white flour to help speed up healing.


  16. Wow your an idiot. I have eaten nothing but raw foods for five years. Last year I had my lower intestine taken out. Do your research and don't be an idiot. They do not know what causes chrons and they do not know the cure you asshole

  17. Anonymous, you are a loser.

    If you had done your research, which is real easy today with the internet, you would have come across Dr. Tom Borody, Dr. Hermon Taylor and Dr. Marcel Behr.

    I personally went to consult the infectious disease proof with Dr. Behr in Montreal. The evidence that MAP causes Crohn's is irrefutable from what he gave me.

    Also, if you had done your research, you would know you need a small intestine if you plan to live very long or with an quality of life.

    Yes, the small intestine is required to absorb most of your vital nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

    And it is Crohn's, not Chrons.

    I'm an asshole even though I have personally received about 45 emails from people who read my blog, tried the antimicrobial approach, dietary adjustments, are telling me they are cured, out running 2 miles a day again, I'm an asshole?

    Don't read my blog anymore, just fuck off.
    I would wish bad things to you, but I know that with the drugs, surgery, and poor diet you are on, you will be in your own personal hell the rest of your life.

  18. please can you tell me how to use the dmso. i want to try this or i will be on remicade at my next hospital appointment. i have bought the gel formula from jacob lab which is 90%. thanks

  19. I don't think DMSO alone is going to remedy your situation. The only success I have had, and others on here, have been through dietary adjustments, anti-mycobacterials, DMSO and a lot of discipline.
    Success is a multiple pronged approached. First thing is first, I would find a good doctor who can do some live blood analysis to check for mycobacteria/mycoplasma infections. Get checked for food allergies, this seems to be the greatest factor, people are sensitive to gluten/casein, we are not looking for celiac disease, that is a different test, we are looking for sensitivities. If all the above comes back clean, get checked for parasites via stool analysis.

    Your usual gastroenterologist will not even know what the above is, so you either need to pack a bag and head to Mexico, or try to find a really good naturopath or chiropractor. Be careful, I have come across many shitty naturopaths who are total quacks. There are some amazing ones however. Usually anyone who tries to sell you on bullshit like ionizing foot bathes and claiming water has a memory, is a fucking quack.

    I just rubbed DMSO over the inflamed area, diluted as per Dr. Jacobs recommendations. Undiluted this stuff can be pretty irritating. I hope this helps, and best wishes and health.

    1. Dude, what is the dilution that Dr Jacobs recommends? I can not find it anywhere. His website will no longer post it and he has passed. I know my Crohns is curable, as is everyone else's. I completely subscribe to the theory that it is a bacteria/pathogen, etc.

      Can you tell me the dilution recommendations and what amount to apply topically(with Colloidal silver), and also the recommendations for ingestion with colloidal silver?


  20. This is fantastic. I feel the exact same, I think Crohn's is entirely environmentally induced and they pharm wants to keep us sick so we keep paying,
    My problem is learning how to kill all the bad eating habits. I'm 20, poor and don't know how to cook, I have no idea how to set up a good diet plan...
    But I have hope for the all natural cure. Cheers

  21. the only place to obtain safe human grade DMSO is from Jacob Laboratories http://www.jacoblab.com/

  22. Thank you for making this blog. I don't have crohn's but I did come across DMSO and colloidal silver as a cure for cancer and arthritis too. I actually joined a crohn support group online to tell them about it and was kicked off because I was noting the dangers of remicaid and the non dangers of dmso and colloidal silver. Good work getting the word out. And yes, diet and exercise, discipline and knowing that this is an infection and can be cured all help.

  23. Right on! I wish more people would see the light. Another thing that can cause Chrones...man made term for bacterial, parastic, fungal, viral infection is contaminated water. Treatments to not remove giardia and chrypto...I use 5-filterd UV, reverse osmosis, carbon, etc. that I buy for 40 some cents per gallon refillable jugs at PCC or Wholefoods. These nasty's can also be airborne and transmitted via vector hosts..I live near a sewage treatment plant that has failed it's "vector reduction" and just recently incorporated UV. Another thing...septic..My dad's rental house had a break in the main line leading to the septic. Sewage was under the house! It made me sick when I was working there getting it ready for re-rental and discovered the problem. You not only need to treat the infection..but give up the crappy foods like the writer said, clean water, clean air and environment. Hard to do in this day and age...I also use sodium chlorite enamas...over a year and I am still getting parasites out layer by layer, DMSO (I drink it with limeaid), peroxide up the nose and sodium chlorite mixed with water up the nose. It's lifetime change, but worth it.

  24. My mother took remicade for years, first for arthritus, that was mainly diet and structure related, and became severly disabled with ALS type symptoms, brain tumor, degenerating spine. She has since passed. Remicade is deadly dangerous and doctors ignore the severe black box warning signs. It is a biologic drug..they use chinese hampster and mouse ovary cells...total truth! and inject this crap in the bloodstream. Rodents are carriers of borellia and borellia cannot be cultured. How do they know these cells dont contain borellia, a spirochette bacteria? Not only that, Remicade supresses the immune system, when the immune system needs to be strengthened. It also allows any latent infection to become active and cross the blood brain barrier. Why in the world this drug is legal is clueless to me.

  25. One more thing regarding "Usually anyone who tries to sell you on bullshit like ionizing foot bathes and claiming water has a memory, is a fucking quack"....I disagree. My father and I where so convinced about ionic therapy after he and I tried it, that he bought me my own commerical unit. There are alot of quack units out there. I did my research. All cells have a positive/negative charge. When the cells become depolaried (too many positive ions that are negative on the body), cells don't function properly and disease sets in. This is also where the term bi-polar comes from. Negative ions have a positive effect on the body...autistic children respond well to ionic therapy, because their cells are depolarized from heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, what have you. Water is alive and living...current treatment methods strip water of its energy force and minerals. The body is primarily water. If you have toxic water in your cells, your body is toxic.

  26. i hope you'll answer to this!

    i'm a girl from germany and don't have crohn's, but an rbs (well, we all sit in the same boat anyways, i guess). i agree on the points that eating bad, especially milk (if dairy IS milk ;) ) and wheat and sugar. i'm tryping to skip those, but i've no idea what to eat instead because my damn body doesn't accept veggies and fruits and eggs (i think chicken is ok if it's just a little). what should i do? please help me :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. There is evidence that IBS is also caused by MAP infection if you search for it, Professor Tom Borody has talked about this. Many people have had success on the SCD diet for IBS and it is all about keeping strict to the diet, and with this making sure you keep a food diary. This way you can detect if you are eating something that you are not ready to eat! I would recommend finding I diet that helps you and SCD is a good start, this may not cure you but will help you get back on your feet. I have just started the BOB Beck Protocol and from what I have researched I would recommend that you at lest look into this as a possible treatment option. Finally you have to look at your lifestyle and environment, healing is a holistic thing. This means if you want to be truly free of your issues you have to deal a number of factors to create a new environment that will enable you to heal. Good luck, stay strong and you CAN heal.

    3. Usually IBS is just food sensitivities/allergies to wheat, dairy, and grains. That said, you may be infected with MAP also, it is opportunistic and loves weakened tissue.
      Believe it or not, your diet just got a lot more enjoyable and exciting avoid said foods.

      First, get some Quercetin and Curcumin, I'm really impressed at what I've seen it do for people.

      Try some Quinoa with coconut oil for dinner.
      Fish, lobster, scallops, shrimp are a great source of minerals, just avoid any farm raise junk from asia.
      Cooked vegetables usually are easiest to digest, try some steamed broccoli with coconut oil and sea salt, yum!
      Steamed spinach, carrots, beans. Avoid raw veggies, very very hard to digest.

      I love throwing a whole duck in the slow cooker, slow roasted duck is a great source of protein, and you can use the fat to make a great gravy.

      Avoid potatoes, tomatoes, and other nightshades, they promote inflammation.
      Try reading up on some Paleo diet websites, they have some great recipes.

      Enteric peppermint also helps soothe the intestines.

      It works like this, once the intestine is inflamed/irritated, it takes about 5-7 days to get the swelling down.
      If the cause is non-infectious, but rather a food allergy or irritant, you must avoid it forever.
      When your intestines are inflamed, digestion is terribly interrupted, and diarrhea is the result.
      Nothing gets digested well. Once you get the inflammation down, things will start to normalize.

  27. Hi
    I live in Europe and have Crohns nineteen years and I am currently on Scd the last eight months and right before that I done an elemental diet for six weeks. I also take oregano oil probiotics glutamine fish oils calcium and folic acid. I have done Jini Patels dmso protocol when I was on the elemental diet for a few weeks because its meant to help heal stricture which i have. Anyway dmso is out at the minute as I am over three months pregnant but I am really not doing well as I have nausea which makes it hard to eat large amounts of protein which means I lost weight. Anyway the doctors said there was ketones in my urine which meant my body was starving and eating my muscle. I unfortunately listened to people who told me I would gain weight eating crap food and ended up cheating on diet which of course didnt work out well. I have been in pain the last two days and not been able to eat so had to resort to steroids today. I have really tried to heal myself especially with this diet and I still have to puree fruits and veg. Is Jini Patels protocol the same as the Beck protocol? Can u eat rice and potatoes on your diet ? If u do this protocol and diet for six months will the bacteria and yeast be gone?

    Please help me and advise me how to go about this. I am sick of this disease ruling my life.


    1. Hello, I am sure "Uncharted Thoughts" will respond but I just wanted to let you know that the BOB Beck Protocol is very different from any of Jini Patels protocols. I have also been diagnosed with Crohn's disease (since age 11 I am now 31) So I know what you are going through, except being pregnant. I have followed Jini Patel and read her books, so I am aware of her methods and what you are speaking of regarding a liquid diet and oregano etc. however without knowing more details I could not say whether you were/are doing something else that has effected your results. It is VERY important if you are doing any of these things that you take the right products and it is hard to substitute without being very knowledgeable of the product and its contents. Oregano oils, probiotics, glutamine, fish oils, forms of calcium and folic acid need to be in the correct form and of the correct quality to get results, otherwise you could be making yourself worse and getting no benefit!

      I have also followed SCD and I have just started the Bob Beck Protocol however I am not sure if you can do the Bob Beck Protocol while pregnant, so before starting please make sure it is safe! If it is not and you are sticking to SCD you may need to strip back to the intro diet and start again, strict diary keeping of your intake. I am sure you are aware but Jini Patel does offer good information on being pregnant with Crohn's disease, as she experienced this first hand. As this is such a vital time for you and your baby she may help you if you email. You need nutrition and while we all know this can be hard if you have active Crohn's disease you may need a good elemental shake, but be careful what you choose! I know Jini Patel has her own but this can be expensive.

      Finally you can give birth to a healthy baby while on steroids and if you have a good Gastroenterologist they will work with you closely to ensure this. Now let me be clear, I am on no medication for Crohn's and I am not fond of the medical system and their treatments for Crohn's disease. However what is most important here is your state of well being, stress levels and giving birth to a healthy baby. Being on steroids is not ideal, but trying to cure the disease while you are pregnant is a tall order I would not wish on anyone. Try to stay calm, know you can and will heal but while you are pregnant take it slow and ensure you are not stressing and fearful of the steroids, if nothing else is getting results for you no one can tell you what to do and what is best, because that is what your intuition is for! The body is an amazing thing and when you have given birth to a healthy baby, if you are in fact on steroids, you can go about getting off them and all other medications and healing this nasty disease!

      Best wishes, you can do it! :)

    2. I wouldn't advise starting the Beck protocol while pregnant.
      MAP when it dies off, is very toxic and causes a storm of inflammatory cytokines, which means you actually get worse before you get better.
      That said, when you get better, it is back to great health better.

      Junk food is just going to make things worse. To help get things under control, Quercetin and Curcumin.
      Try having some Quinoa with Coconut oil and cinnamon, very easy to digest and nutritious.

      Potatoes are highly inflammatory.

      The videos from Bob Beck are on the left toolbar, I advise you watch them.

      You will not heal until the infection is gone, you may get remission at best, but even that is usually short lived.
      This microbe, MAP, is continuously destroying your intestines. Eating fruit and vegetables won't do a thing to fix this infection.

      SCD and drugs will mask the symptoms but will not resolve the infection. Most people on SCD end up having surgery, it doesn't fix the problem.
      Read the first issue of Silver Star, lots of good info in there.

      You can get through this!

    3. Uncharted. Do you still have Cronh's now?

  28. Man....I'm super happy I stumbled upon this!! It makes SO much sense. I hate how Doctors don't know this (or probably know and don't tell us). Its clearly a money racket. I was doing GREAT recently, no symptoms, no pain, nothing until I had this nasty Kidney infection. I get to the ER and they told me I couldn't have ANY water or food. Like a moron, I just shook my head and did what they said while they gave me 4 different types of antibiotics thus sending me into 3 months of Hell. The doctor who first told me I had Crohns was like, "yeah, you can eat what you want, but make sure to take your medicine every day." Looking back on it, I kind of wish I would've spoke my mind at that very moment. I was diagnosed at 17 and I'm now 23.
    Moral of the story, doctors do not always know best. Be your own doctor.
    I'm going to try this protocol and let it work.
    Uncharted Thoughts, never met you, probably never will, but you've made a huge difference in a skinny little Crohns girl's life. Lol.
    To good health!

    1. I have a similar story.
      Diagnosed at 16, took 8 years of pharmaceutical bullshit lies from the quacks.

      I do my own research, been Crohn's free for 8 years.
      No drugs, nothing.

      I work out 5 days a week and have no health problems now.
      No carbohydrates/sugar, that seems to be the problem. Eating nothng but Paleo.

      I have no dairy, wheat, sugar, coffee.

      It is a lot of eggs, vegetables (raw or steamed), fats like coconut oil and olive oil.

      I went from 120 lbs to 170lbs of lean muscle pretty quick.

      The whole western diet is wrong in every aspect.

      You can do this, it is hard at first. Be strong and you can get healthy again.

  29. Does anyone know if you can use DMSO while on Remicade? I want to ween off it but want to test DMSO first before I make the jump. Thanks!

  30. I'm taking it pinkbisou with the same intentions. I've gone from 7-10 weeks in my treatments through a %85 raw diet. Dmso, aloe vera, collodial silver drink seems to be killing off parasites when I drink it internally. Also started using it externally with aloe. Will start am intense gcmaf probiotic in a few weeks which is supposed to emulate a fecal matter transplant. Updates everybody?? Still doing well?

  31. Hi,
    My partner was just diagnosed with Crohn's and has a severe stricture. We have not even begun to embark on western medical protocols, as we have read the side effects and what surgery can do. We are trying to find a naturopathic doctor who can work with us and we have read great things about jini patel thompson's remission diet protocol. We have had trouble getting anyone to answer specific questions about it from her website. Where can we find some guidance? We know it is only a first step, but we need to start somewhere and we need to rebuild her strength and get her vitamin and mineral levels back up. Any advice is appreciated!!

    1. I cannot offer medical advice, that could land me in hot water.
      But I can tell you what worked for me!

      Crohn's, from my experience, is a combination of celiac disease and a chronic infection, like Mycobacterium Avium SSp Paratuberculosis.

      To treat the MAP infection I used Myco by Rain Tree Herbs, one of the few treatments for it. To help rebuilding the intestines and fix the immune dysfunction I took 500mg Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate daily. Lots of glutamine, and you'll need to follow a paleo type diet. Gluten free doesn't mean much if you are cross reacting with other foods, like coffee/chocolate/etc.

      More to come, follow the blog!

  32. Hi uncharted, have you seen this website?

    I wonder if taking a vaccine is safe?


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  34. Hi ... im from Toronto, Canada. trying for heal Crohns... would be able to help me ... with the things that help you... thanks. my email is vkibumrah@gmail.com