Thursday, April 16, 2009

Throat and sinus infections cured!

Here is one of the most useful cures, which of course is free!
Make a nice batch of 10-15 ppm ionic silver with the low current method, the kind everyone uses now thanks to Dr. Bob Beck.

Fill a good quality misting bottle with the ionic silver. Congratulations, you now have the most power medicine known to man in an aerosol form.

For a sore throat, a few mists every 5 minutes until the sore throat disappears; which is usually under 1 hour. Tongue flat, inhale and fire in a few mists.

For a sinus infection, blast it up your nose while snorting. Repeat every 5 minutes until it disappears, which is usually really quick.

For lung infections, tongue flat, deep breaths and use it like an asthma inhaler. A nebulizer can be used as well, but the mister delivers a huge amount quickly. Get your nebulizer off E-Bay, it requires a doctors prescription otherwise.
For stubborn lung infections take a few cayenne pepper oil capsules. It will dilate your blood vessel and help get the waste out, allowing the silver to reach the infection better.

Don't use store bought ionic silver, its usually shitty and full of stabilizers.
Get a good generator, they pay for themselves in less than a month.


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