Wednesday, March 6, 2013

NOW Enteric Coated Essential oils

I have to posted this, in addendum to SilverStars launch. That importance of Enteric coated oils. Get NOW Enteric Coated Oil of Oregano, NOW Enteric Coated Peppermint oil. Take one with each meal. Kills any Candida that might be slowing down healing. I will make it short and sweet. Both Enteric oils. Beck protocol. No more grains, sugars, carbohydrates. Eat lots of eggs, fish, vegetables, and follow a Paleo diet. You will be well in less than 1 month. Take a good multivitamin, Pure Encapsulations, Integrated Health Products distributors. If you need iron, take Hematin. That simple. Get well, fuck the greedy pharmaceutical companies and the CMA/AMA. Get back to living and fuck disease. -Adam


  1. Any chance you would know what to do if the liver is not metabolizing protein correctly?

    Whenever I eat fish, It seems the protein doesn't get digested enough and that in turn, turns into ammonia.

    I get this pain under my scalp that feels like brusing.

    I take ornithine. And the pain subsides (Urea process)

    But I can't eat fish/scallops/ etc due to the excessive protein.

    Maybe more fiber/veggies/exercise?


  2. I personally know people who have or who are taking essential oils for different ailments and it is amazing to me how much an essential oil can affect those who use them. Another thing that is amazing is that there are so many different types of oils that can help you with many different ailments. Quite cool.

  3. Davis, shellfish is famous for what you are describing, I wouldn't advise people with any digestive issues to consume a lot of shellfish.
    To help your liver I would suggest taking Milk Thistle (80% silymarin), Dandelion Root extract.