Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Grain Brain

Just watch


  1. Hi,
    I would like to discuss more about the beck protocol and other treatments for crohns.
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  2. Hi!

    In 2008 you have mentioned that you cured Crohn's disease. In 2012 you tried an immune boosting technique. Have you really cured Crohn's disease? I have read about Beck's protocol as well. It gives an immediate relief, but it's no cure. The only people that have cured their Crohn's disease are those who have done SCD, paleo etc. for some years. I would be glad, if you can update about your disease.

    1. I'm cured, I also follow a Paleo diet. Wheat and grains are the main culprit in Crohn's disease. I actually don't use the Beck protocol too much now. I'm using mostly oxidative therapies, food grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

      Getting your arm hit with a baseball bat will result in a broken bone. Once you get the broken bone set, and it is healed, you are technically not 'cured' if you keep getting hit again with a baseball bat, it will keep getting broke again. Same problem with grains, they are damage your intestines and promote fungal overgrowths

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