Monday, February 24, 2014

Surpassingly more powerful, cheaper, and effective than the Beck Protocol.

I would deem this approach significantly better than the Beck protocol.
This really clears out any infection, especially viruses and mycobacteria.

The protocol is essentially food grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, starting with 1 drop, working up 1 drop per day to a maximum of 25 drops per 8 oz of water.

Does it work?  Fucking right this works!  You will purging, loose stools, but my god, does this clean you out and make you feel good!  I take 40 drops in 500 mL of water before the gym on an empty stomach.  The oxygen gives you so much energy, it is unlike anything I have every tried before.  The boost of oxygen means your muscles can be pushed longer, harder, and faster.

I liked the Beck protocol, I LOVE Hydrogen Peroxide!!

You can buy food grade 35% online, or at most heath food stores.  Don't use the 3% from your local pharmacy, it has stabilizers in it.


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  2. Hi Uncharted Thoughts.
    Thanks for offering your information on this alternative treatment.I haven't looked through it all yet. Thanks to you i bought a colloidal silver machine last year. I just don't know for sure if it is safe. I can only find demineralized water to use. It has a wierd taste from the bottle. I called the producer and they said it was safe to drink. It got me pretty annoyid when drinking it. Like my temper got real bad.
    I am on remicade. Do you know if this Hydrogen Peroxide would be a safe go for me to try to rid me of the MAP infection that i have found to be a possible cause of crohns disease? COuld you recommend other products that i can take to make sure i get the infection killed off? Should i combine with the colloidal silver you think? Im already going 80/20 primal diet for a year. I do drink beer and is not vigorously following the diet. Any help or links would be much appreciated. I have been sick for 20 years and i do not believe in medicine or surgery to solve anything. Forgot to mention that i have crohns disease. Or thats the closest thing to a diagnose i will ever get i think.
    Thanks in advance for any help you could offer.

  3. I got the DMSO and destilled Water ordered today to make decent colloidal silver. By the time you read this i would still like your opinion on going on hydrogen peroxide treatment alone or not. And I would like your advice on how to go by this while being on remicafe. should i still get a pulser. This time i have read through your whole blog. Amazing info. I never read the whole thing before. Only the part about getting crohns is curable. Inzomnia is good for something i guess.

  4. Hi Hendrik,

    As long as Remicade doesn't suppress production of the catalase enzyme (I don't think you'd be alive if it did...) I couldn't see an issue.
    I honestly believe a paleo diet, with just hydrogen peroxide ingested with water as per the book, would be sufficient.

    As soon as the H2O2 enters the blood stream, the catalase enzyme breaks it down to H2O + O, flooding your blood with oxygen.
    I would advise not doing this before bed, as you will be fully energized with oxygen and have trouble sleeping.

    Maybe instead of beer try wine?
    Yes! you can combine Hydrogen peroxide with colloidal silver, apparently it makes it 1000x more effective!
    From the books I've read, the safe dilution of hydrogen peroxide is a maximum of 25 drops per 8 oz (236 mL) of purified water.
    One would usually start out at 1 drop, and work up to 25 drops to avoid a harsh die off reaction.

  5. I might add, you are not suppose to take DMSO with hydrogen peroxide.

  6. Thank you very much. I just recieved the DMSO and have succesfully made the colloidal silver with the Silvergen i bought last year. The hydrogen peroxide 35 % is actually not legal to buy or sell in Denmark where i come from. However i will look into solving that problem soon. I will give the DMSO and Colloidal silver a try just to see if it will get my anywhere fast. I will not experiment with DMSO and Hydrogen peroxide should i get my hands on some in the near future. However colloidal silver and Hydrogen peroxide sounds like the way to do things. Starting from one drop and building up. I will not buy the pulser for now then. I better save the money as i have spend huge amounts getting also the Oregano Oil and Peppermint Oil from Now. Man i am just so ready to kick that crohn's but once and for all.
    I will post again (believe me) in this exact thread about my progress be it the one or the other. If i happen to chicken out on it as i have done in the past i will inform you about that also and maybe then i need some additional encouragement. I was much inspired by the guy doing MSM and DMSO and posting for many weeks after, but will not do the MSM for now. That just seems a bit too far out. One desperate solution at a time :-)

  7. Hi Hendrik,

    I'm fairly certain you can order 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide off amazon, ebay, or other online stores.
    I cannot see why it would be illegal, it is commonly used to wash fruits/vegetables to prevent contamination.
    Also commonly used for pools, spa's, and sanitizing.

    I order steam distilled oil of oregano, it is cheaper. New Directions Aromatics sells it.

  8. I found out its illigal due to the fact that terrrorrists can use it to make bombs. The 9/11 made things crazy worldwide. Im confused about if hydrogen peroxide is such a great idea after reading this here:
    This passage: I propose that the cause of Crohn’s Disease is oxidative attack on the intestine, and not an autoimmune attack. Specifically, the attack follows the Haber-Weiss reaction where ferrous ions catalyze the dissociation of biochemically-produced hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals. The excessively high production rate of hydroxyl radicals then produces cellular damage in the intestine. The reaction goes as follows:

    H2O2 + Fe(+2) = Fe(+3) + OH- + HO

    hydrogen peroxide + ferrous ions react to produce ferric ions + hydroxyl ions + hydroxyl free radicals

    Would that not suggest that using hydrogen peroxide is detrimental for me before I get the iron out of the intestines as you did with dmso

  9. Hey Uncharted,

    How has the h2o2 affected your daily protocol? I recently developed a fistula that I'm treating thru colloidal silver and your recommended supplements (cat's claw, astragulus, msm) as well as taking pentasa. I've been gluten free vegetarian for a year and gave up grains since the fistula developed (supplementing my diet with ensure as needed). I've followed "Self healing crohns and colitis" diet with some success though it's difficult to stick to. I need to upgrade my magnetic pulsar as it's the camera flash variety and needs frequent breaks. I guess I was wondering how to incorporate h2o2 with colloidal silver? Thanks for all your advice and input, i've found your material to be incredibly helpful. Thanks again!

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  11. Hendrik, love that you are looking into this. Iron definitely isn't the cause. It may exacerbate the symptoms as it is quite harsh to absorb.
    The formula when taken on an empty stomach, which is required goes as follows:

    2 H2O2 + Catalase → 2 H2O + O2

    If humans did not have the catalase enzyme, H2O2 would be very dangerous to our cells, however, it is not thanks to it.
    Can you guess which organisms do not have catalase? All pathogens, viruses, fungus, bacteria, yeast.

    You are not suppose to take H2O2 with anything in your stomach. You must be fasting for 3 hours at least.
    It will rapidly, 5-10 minutes absorb through your stomach/intestines, killing any pathogens in your GI tract, and flash to pure oxygen in your bloodstream. You will not get an embolism, the oxygen is quickly absorbed.

    What is causing the Crohns, is a chronic infection(s), exacerbated by dietary allergies and or toxic food products.

    I take H2O2, 1000 mL, with 80 drops of 35%, right before and during the gym. What a rush!
    Your bowels will move, this stuff really cleans one out.

  12. Thank you for you reply and for this blog. It means a lot to me knowing that you and other people actually did this before and got well.
    I will do a brief update now because i just lost all what i just spend the last 20 minutes putting in here. Im an IT professional and that really pi.... me off but i hit the logout button instead of Publish.... :-)
    Have done colloidal silver and DMSO for two days. Stopped it due to itching. Will get sprayer according to other thread and spray with colloidal silver. I only got the 99 percent pure cheap stuff because i did not want to splash out on jacoblab. No change so far but not expected either this soon.
    Ive been reading so much about DMSO and colloidal silver and especially Hydrogen Peroxide that my head is about to explode. Try this:
    And this if you dont believe me.

    Im also doing the Oregano Oil and Peppermint Oil. I will try and get my hands on some Hydrogen peroxide soon.

    I also commented on that bowel movement is not exactly what i am looking for. But i think i understand what you mean and a lot of crap has to leave the body. However after doing 80/20 paleo i at least have been cooking and eating more than decent food the past year or so. Actually my only food today was bacon and eggs. Should have had a major hangover but is actually quite okay. Stunning thing is i now eat what i feel like when i feel like. (from paleo food) because you are never hungry in the same way anymore after dropping sugar and most carbo hydrate foods.

    Im looking forward to working out vigoroulsly again if that is achieved from the Hydrogen Peroxide. Last few times i have not had full energy and felt like aneamic or something. Strange because i eat a lot of vitamins for the time being. My eyes is all sunken in and i am blue under my eyes. My skin in my face is also very dry. Strange as i do more fats than ever from coconut oil, butter and olive oil. I suspect something wierd is going on with absorption for the time being. Or maybe i miss a particular thing in my diet. Dont really get it.

    Before it was just late. Now its really really late and i have to get up in 6-7 hours to have remicade. I hope the last one maybe.

  13. Quick update. I got hold of the Hydrogen Peroxide now. I looked very thoroughly for a potent product and found one that I trust to be effective. I'm on 5 drops now on empty stomach in the morning on day 3. So far not noticing so much difference. However I have been working night shifts and think I was the one least affected by fatigue out of 3 colleagues after 7 night shifts. But I don't know the difference given that I recently started doing night. I did a workout yesterday evening and felt good strength even though I only slept for 5 hours in the morning to turn night into daytime during my off work period. (maybe I do feel the difference already)
    I'm also sporadically using oregano oil and peppermint oil. I take the hydrogen peroxide mainly mixed with home made colloidal silver. The mix tastes awful though and am thinking about separating the two. DMSO i have dropped for now because it itches when used topically and tastes awful when I took it orally in the morning. I also happened to lay my hand on some free of charge MSM this week because it had passed the time stamp in the local vitamin pusher called "Matas" I researched it to be of good quality even though it says "cosmetic use only" Denmark is a freak of nature when it comes to labelling supplements. If water was found to be unhealthy due to it's toxicity in large amounts i would not be surprised at all. "United Nations of whatever"
    Back to the point.
    Have anyone got any recommendations as to how to most effectively put together a protocol with MSM, hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver or should I just use the loose cannon approach as I've been doing for a week now.
    I'm thinking that this protocol is doing something into killing bugs. I noticed my intestines starting to hurt a bit in a way that i normally haven't felt. I read somewhere that soreness is due to the fact that MAP numbs the intestines.
    That might be why I never had a stomach ache despite always having watery diarrhoea from Crohn's disease every day for the last 20 years. Sry. for my honest way of writing.

    I will report when i have some real experience to add in here.

    Unless you might want to discuss the protocol I ought to be doing.

    Sry. I never do short updates....Is it okay that i abuse your blog this way? :-)

  14. Been doing the hydrogen peroxide and upping the dosis to 25 drops once every morning. No harm done from the procedure as far as i can tell. I have been out of the house for four days and haven't been able to follow the procedure for that time. Been doing MSM 1 teaspoon once or twice everyday for around 10 days. Also doing colloidal silver but every second day around one cup. Haven't been all to rigid doing this protocol completely regular. I have had a feeling that my stomach is getting a bit better but it varies very much from day to day. To early to tell if I am getting increasingly success or not. Will report back next time when I have been doing the protocol regularly for a longer period of time. Anyhow I have a feeling this is going the right way. I have had enormous amount of energy doing gardening for noon till dark a few days in a row. So I can tell that this protocol is not getting me anywhere in the wrong direction for sure. Time will tell. It took me 20 years to get where I am now so one or two month to see prove of getting better would be expected I reason.

  15. Not doing the hydrogen peroxide anymore. I am just not too sure that i can stick with it safely. Im taking a lot of vitamins and minerals and I have heard it would be affected from the hydrogen peroxide. Im doing the MSM and colloidal silver and Oregano oil sporadically. I will try to do a more rigid primal diet from the 1 of may and then do the MSM, colloidal silver, Oregano oil, Peppermint oil and vitamins in a more orderly manner for the summer. I am just not very good at putting my life into any particular protocol. I work different shifts, day, evening night and time of for weeks. I happen to get caught up in life and not doing what would make me free of disease. I have been battling this disease for 20 years so not paying attention to is quite stupid... but well... only human.
    Will read the success stories on this blog again to get motivated and then kick some ass.

  16. Must admit that i happened to chicken out again. Uncharted thoughts if you read this how safe do you really think the hydrogen peroxide cure would be as a stand alone treatment. I did it untill i was on full dose i think 20 35% in water. But my stomach would ache from it so i stopped. The colloidal silver made me very annoyed and irritable.
    Have you got any suggestions how to move on from here. I just cant seem to find the right motivaiton to follow through long enough to see any real results. When i don't see results og i get insecure about the safety of things i drop them and i have just spend a huge amount of money in veign. Hope you have a great summer. Here up north in Denmark its very warm at least. Very unusual for such a long period.

  17. You will get worse before you get better.
    If you feel like shit, tired, fever, sweats, that is a good sign usually, means microbes dying.

    The big thing is diet. You need to follow a low carb paleo type diet. No wheat, no dairy, no sugar.
    The intestinal flora goes way out of whack in people with Crohn's, and if you are eating carbohydrates it will cause yeasts and funguses to run rampant making you ill.

    I don't know of anyone who has fixed their diet and done H2O2 that hasn't had a positive response.

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  18. If you have questions join the facebook group "Hydrogen Peroxide Research".
    It is all people using oxidative therapies to get well.

  19. When starting any of these protocols... (ex. the hydrogen peroxide & silver or hydrogen peroxide alone) were any of you inflamed/symptomatic? My Crohn's is severe. My baseline is continual bleeding and I can't tolerate the toxic poisons that the doctors try to push, so I'm stuck on a low dose prednisone that just keeps the inflammation at bay. I've exhausted all my options in the area of pharmaceuticals. I seriously think my body is in survival mode most of the time because most of the time, I'm feeling good enough to function (ha not even close to a satisfactory and fulfilling level of functioning. It's just good enough to get the basics done). My doctor has no idea how I leave the house. Andddd neither do I, I'm just grateful I can. There's protocols that I want to try though, but the inflammation issue is something that is never mentioned when I read through posts and treatment steps. Can anyone shed some light on this at all?
    It sucks that we have to be our own doctors with this disease. Thank God we have each other to learn from though.
    Oh, and to greatly eliminate die off/Herxheimer reaction, it's all about helping the liver and you can do that by using coffee enemas. Read about it. There's a ton of information out there about it.

  20. Stumbled upon your blog and was doing the Beck protocol(I have crohn's) for two solid weeks when I got a small pimple on my right index figure, popped it, and it got infected. It got really swollen. I reluctantly went to the Dr. he said it was pretty serious and received a large shot of antibiotics in the but cheek and a ten day course orally. I had to stop the Beck protocol because I was getting sharp pains in the liver and kidneys while taking the antibiotics, so I stopped the Beck protocol. Want to start again, but just read a lot of info on H202 and am leaning on doing H202 now. I have constant diarrhea and just recently lost 20lbs from 170 to 150 so I am a little concerned. I am taking garden of life probiotics,now foods digestive enzymes, and just began a parasite cleanse. Really confused on what direction to take again as there is so much info out there it's hard to know what to do. I want to try H202 after the parasite cleanse, but heard it is essential to do a liver cleanse first. Any advise is appreciated.

  21. Hello Uncharted Thoughts. I'm in need to break down 4 strictures. Should I start with with Colloidal Silver/DMSO combo first, then move to the HP therapy second since HP and DMSO shouldn't be taken together? Thanks!

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