Monday, November 7, 2016

How to make Del-Immune V / DeoDan

For anyone suffering from any sort of viral infection, it can be quickly eradicated with Del-Immune V.  This stuff absolutely slaughters all forms of HPV, so those pesky toe warts will vanish in a week.  This is a common problem for people with Crohn's Disease.  Make sure you read my article about Zinc Sulfate!  When you combine the two you have a real winner.

Del-Immune V stimulates the NK cells of your immune system in a big way.  How big?  Big enough to be considered a remedy for biological warfare agents in Russia.

Well I love Del-Immune V, it's marketed in Bulgaria under the name DeoDan.  What is it?  It is a lysozyme lysate of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus 51, or LB-51.  For most people, I highly advise simply ordering Del-Immune V, you'll pay through the nose for it, but it comes in pill form so it's easier.

Now I like to boost my immune system into the stratosphere!  So I make it by the gallon.

Here we go, I can already see Del-Immune V's founder cursing me for writing this.

You'll need an Instant Pot, it is a really wonderful 7-in-1 pressure cooker and also a really sweet yoghurt maker.  It also works great as an autoclave.  Watch their video's on how to make yoghurt with it.

Next, we need the bacterial strain.  NATREN sells LB-51 as a yoghurt starter.  It comes in a dehydrated powder, wonderful product.

Next we need Lysozyme.  This stuff is super expensive, I paid $350 for 100 grams, but that's ok we don't use much.  Lysozyme is an enzyme extracted from chicken eggs that cuts up bacterial cell walls, it is non-toxic and safe to ingest.

Now we need a medium to grow LB-51.  I prefer goat milk as it is A2 Beta Casein, less inflammatory than cows milk which is A1.

Now this is your part to learn, go learn how to make yoghurt, it is easy.  Make Yoghurt with the LB-51, let it go for 30 hours for maximum strength, then mix in 1 teaspoon of lysozyme per gallon after the yoghurt is fully cultured to cut up the newly grown bacteria.  That's it!  You've now got a gallon of one of the best immune boosters around.

Now hopefully to avoid a lawsuit, if this is too difficult I highly advise you just simply purchase Del-Immune V.

This stuff makes warts literally explode when coupled with Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6.  Amazing stuff!


  1. I've read all your old curezone posts a few times over and just realized this is your blog. Great all around info and I'd love to discuss your progress, even willing to pay a few bucks for an hour consultation. I believe you have a lot of information that would be beneficial to me. I'm struggling to get off my remicade. I've been following a wholefood mostly raw diet with my naturopath, and a couple of months ago really tried to clear out the bad bacteria, parasites, candida, MAP etc. My attempt included CS + DMSO + SSKI + Wild oregano cleanse protocol. Although I was cleaning out nasty parasite eggs etc, it provoked a terrible immune response in my hip and temporarily lost %80 of my movement until I took remicade again. Maybe my liver/ kidneys couldn't handle all the die off and I should've eased in more. First arthritis reaction I've had, and while my gut (and hip) seems to be under control more or less I'm now having inflammation in my ankle. I've started on GcMAF Bravo Probiotic yogurt, and after holidays will try to do a less intense version of gerson therapy combined with DMSO + CS and Becks protocol to kill off the bad bacteria. Coffee enemas should help open up the liver ducts to help with toxic load and I'll do some research and find some way to support my kidneys. I don't doubt that Crohn's can be fixed naturally but in my case I think it'll be tougher. 16 years of immuno suppression throughout my childhood has left me quite toxic and fixing my dysbiosis + immune system will take an enormous amount of discipline. What do you think of my strategy, anything else I should add or remove? I'm not sure if you'll answer but either way I appreciate you voicing your thoughts. Happy holidays

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