Monday, May 20, 2013

Scrambled eggs!

The finest scrambled eggs you will ever have! This makes a great low carb breakfast.

Take three heaping tablespoons of pure virgin coconut oil, put it in a non-stick pan and heat the oil on low until it melts.

Crack 4 eggs in, using a non scratching spatula, I use silicone, scramble the eggs with the coconut oil. Turn up the heat and cook, constantly stirring the eggs with your spatula. Don't let them burn, otherwise it gives it a nasty flavour.

When everything is solid and lightly cooked, toss it on a plate. Add some sea salt or high potassium salt. The finest eggs I've ever had, and I've had $45/plate luxury restaurant eggs, this blows them out of the water! I've decided to start adding recipes, because of the lack of functional recipes. By functional, I mean they are delicious and actually function to help your health.

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