Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome foods

It seems the biggest problem people with Crohn's disease have is knowing what to eat.
People in the Western countries, tend to eat wheat, wheat, and more wheat.
Well the fact is wheat is poison, it will make you soft, and it shreds your intestines.  Fast food restaurants try to use wheat in everything because it is cheap filler.  Thats why 50% of the fucking people in this society look like a dead bloated horse in a ditch.  If you want to look like shit keep eating wheat.

Below are some ideas of what I eat, its delicious, nutritious and heals the intestines.

  • Omelette made with coconut oil and sea salt
  • Mixed berry smoothy, with Living Fuel Protein and coconut milk
  • Spinach omelette with coconut oil and sea salt
  • Mango smoothy with coconut milk, optional protein powder
  • Thai Chicken curry, with a little bit of rice
  • Chicken Tikka Masala, with a little bit of rice
  • Chicken Madras, with a little bit of rice
  • Ms Dash Chipotle on chicken thighs, steamed broccoli with coconut oil and sea salt
  • Baked East coast Cod with spices, Asparagus
  • Cole slaw, made with red cabbage and heirloom carrots, olive oil mayo -easy to make
  • Silver Leaf Kalamata olives packed in olive oil (fuck vinegar)
  • Eden organic spiced pumpkin seeds (no msg)
  • Rice cake with nut butter, a tiny bit of honey
  • Kale chips -Fucking AWESOME
  • Sea salt almonds
  • Cucumbers and sea salt
  • Lemon Perrier mix
This is just a short list, but seriously, fast food is for losers.  I knows its hard when travelling, but if you must eat out, try Indian, Thai, or a good steak house.  I shake my head as I drive by McDonalds, Boston Pizza, Burger King, and their clientele of obese degenerates waddling from there shitty broken down GM vehicles.  Definitely moving into a richer area soon, ignorant people are depressing.


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  2. Not sure what this has to do with health and stopping suppressed medical discoveries?
    I will leave it up, there currently is an epidemic of men committing suicide after the wife takes the kids and cleans them out. We've had a few cases in my area alone. Probably a good idea to offer support for divorces, its hard for everyone involved.

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  4. Hi
    Is there a way I can contact you via email to ask some questions about your cures to Crohns such as the silver etc for clarification? Thanks

  5. Awesome breakfast ideas for someone following Paleo and I've been following the diet for some time but I'm still having bad symptoms while magnetic pulsing and drinking ozonated water. A lot of pain in the ileum section and bloody Ds.

    The good news is that I found out that I'm very (IgG)sensitive to egg whites?? No doubt, I'm slightly sensitive to wheat and surprisingly, strawberries too.

    man... If I can't have eggs, it really blows though.
    Could this be one of the very possible reasons why I'm not going into a remission?

    I really wonder, can sensitivities to certain food/chemical get better thru Beck's protocol?
    I do believe that allergies can disappear but not quite sure about food intolerance/sensitivity.

  6. Food sensitivities usually result in blood in the poo, not good.
    Only way to fix it is stop eating those foods.

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