Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Encapsulating herbs

With an inexpensive Cap-M-Quick machine, I believe they are $25, and a few "00" capsules, you can make your own herbal supplements.  Each capsule holds roughly 1g of herbal powder.

I ordered some excellent silymarin extract, some dandelion root extract, burdock root, and olive leaf extract.  I made a blend, using 50g of dandelion root extract, 50g of burdock root, and 100g of silymarin.  That works out to, each pill, 500mg silymarin, 250mg dandelion root extract, 250mg burdock root.  That is a pretty powerful detox pill right there.

This is an excellent way to customize the blend that makes you feel best, and also saves quite a bit of money.  There are a variety of herbal shops that can sell you the herbal extracts, and even bulk vitamin stores for supplements.

Milk thistle, with dozens of studies has been shown to protect, and heal the liver.  This is one supplement I highly recommend.  A healthy liver is essential to vibrant health.  Simply google silymarin, the active compound found in milk thistle seed, and you will find a plethora of information regarding its amazing benefits.

Burdock root, is very popular in chinese culture.  This root is extremely strong, and is renown for its ability to help cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Dandelion root is another champion of the liver.  The common weed most people hate, has substantial benefits.

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